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Cardholder Login - Thanks For Supporting - Xtraman Fundraising
    "These cards are loaded with awesome discounts and with the promotional $25 restaurant certificate on top, our supporters got back more than what they paid for the card with just that. This was the easiest fundraiser we have ever done!" - Tiffany Jones (Mountain View HS)

Fundraising Cards - Rated The #1 Discount Card Fundraiser
    They’re old discount fundraising cards only allowed them to raise around $1000 dollars because of the limited discounts, which limited the opportunity. After switching to our fundraising discount cards, …

Redeem Your Savings Certificate - Xtraman Fundraising
    Fundraising Blog CardHolder Login; Redeem Your $25 Certificate. Thanks for supporting your local communities fundraising efforts! Redeem Here! Fill out the form below to obtain your savings certificate. After we validate your request, your savings certificate instructions will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days. Also, please add to your email safe list ...

More Discounts, Better Discounts! - Xtraman Fundraising
    Fundraising Blog CardHolder Login; More Discounts, Better Discounts! See the discounts that your supporters will get anywhere in the U.S. Massive Discounts All Across The Country . In order to research and show you the list of amazing discounts in YOUR specific area, we just need a little bit of information. You'll soon see why supporters love our fundraising cards! What are you waiting for ...

About Our Fundraising Team - #1 For A Reason
    Xtraman Fundraising was built on the vision of providing programs all across the country with an incredibly profitable fundraising program. We understand that fundraising in now more important than ever and for some programs to exist, they need to be successful at it. Your success is what it's all about and we do everything in our power to make sure it happens.

Xtraman Team Support - Windemere Ranch Middle School
    - Norma Cooper, cardholder "We would have no problem supporting each year if it meant purchasing a discount card like this." - Eric and Elizabeth Zuhlke, cardholder "We've bought a lot of discount cards & books over the years and this is by far the best fundraising product we've ever used." - Jill Sanchez, cardholder - Cardholder Login - Thanks For ... is owned by Rocky Soderman (Xtraman Fundraising Llc). IP is is hosted in United States (Scottsdale, Arizona) IP is

Xtraman Fundraising - The Nation's Best Fundraising Cards ...
    Xtraman Fundraising - The Nation's Best Fundraising Cards February 28, 2017 · Way to go, Post 186 - American Legion Baseball, you are our Superstar Fundraiser of the Week!!Followers: 8,5K

Fundraising FAQ'S - Get Your Questions Answered Here
    No. Xtraman Fundraising is unique in that we do not force you to pay for your Fundraising Discount Cards up front and have FREE shipping on all orders. If you wish to pay your invoice up front, speak with your Fundraising Consultant as an incentive may be available for paying before shipment. - Cardholder login - thanks for ...
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