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In and Around Mileage Statement -
    In and Around Mileage Statement I, _____, certify that I was the owner/operator and responsible for the operating costs of the privately owned vehicle used for this travel in and around the TAD site. According to the JFTR; chapter U3510, I understand that I am entitled to

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    In-and-around Mileage at a Temporary Duty (TDY) Site. Applies to a traveler who drives their privately owned vehicle (POV) A travel approving official (AO) may authorize/approve; In and around mileage at a TDY site does not require a mileage log; A statement-of-non-availability of government transportation alone does not authorize reimbursement
    Certification for In and Around Mileage Itemization 1. I certify that there was no government transportation available and that I utilized my privately owned conveyance for transportation In and Around the TDY area between the folllowing locations: A. Places of lodging and place of business. B. Places of business.

Information Paper: How to Calculate D T M O Local POV ...
    mileage using either private auto or motorcycle. Always enter in-and-around mileage and en route mileage as separate allowances – don’t combine them. To calculate an in-and-around miles use Private Auto - Local Area or Private Motorcycle - Local Area mileage allowance: 1. Use the vehicle’s odometer to determine your official one-way ...

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    A well designed army mileage log da template can make all your Word and Excel or PowerPoint document follow same format and style. Microsoft Office provides many built-in themes and template you can apply directly, you may also design your own army mileage log da theme based on your own needs.

In and Around Mileage Statement Template Download ...
    Download, Fill In And Print In And Around Mileage Statement Template Pdf Online Here For Free. In And Around Mileage Statement Template Is Often Used In Mileage Log Template, Log …4,7/5(9)

Free mileage log forms trend: Excel Mileage Log ...
    MileageWiz. MileageWiz is a software that allows you to create an IRS conforming Mileage Log in 1/10th the time of traditional methods. Get every mileage deduction you are entitled to for your business.MileageWiz accounts for this and breaks your mileage down for you.

ACC_InAround_Mileage_log_4_2012.pdf - Army Contracting ...
    ACC_InAround_Mileage_log_4_2012.pdf - Army Contracting Command DTS In Around/Local Mileage Log Name Electra S Davis Start Date End Date Location(s

Per Diem while at BOLC : army - reddit
    read your orders carefully. If you are TDY endure, you are likely authorized in-and-around mileage per day. They don't want a vehicle log book, go on excel, make a quick and dirty mileage log that maxes out your mileage each day, and submit it with your voucher paperwork. Check the orders for laundry, see above and max that shit out.